About us

Logistics African Magazine is a premier publication which brings your brand to the world of Transport & Logistics industries in Africa. The key decision makers in transport and logistics and a vast of industrial sectors depends upon LAM for news and feature coverage of their business – including new and ongoing projects, exploration and development, company activities and profiles, intralogistics advances, events and exhibitions, and other important updates. Our Magazine has become a major voice and a marketplace for transport and logistics, industrial, mining, supply chain, fleet management, technology, Automation and Handling systems, Agriculture, etc.

Our editorial features cover a wide range of transport, trade and logistics related topics featuring in-depth editorial content with diverse, valued content that understands the trends and issues facing the international logistics market. Africans’ government are creating numerous opportunities for international multi-industry solution providers to enter
and explore the growing market. So how about exploring a sector which is on the verge of explosion? To establish and capture such a profitable market – the challenge is to meet
the ideal channel partner who connects you with dealers and distributors and helps you forge partnerships with relevant ministries. With years of expertise in this region; we have assisted international players to win new deals; forging new partnerships; and gaining recognition amongst policy makers.

Should you have any services or products applicable to the transportation (rail, air, marine, road) ,logistics (international trade, cargo carries, etc.) or industrial sector, the Logistics African Magazine is your best Media destination. We have a team that is both committed and experienced in making sure that you get the best brand visibility, brand building and exposure to thousands/millions of your prospective clients.

Our website is a hub of information for the transport & Logistics industry. It includes advice and insights from industry experts, breaking news and even links to vehicle listings. Take advantage of the 35 000 page visits on this platform every month by placing a banner! Our issues are distributed to professionals who are the key decision makers and influential in the Logistics industry and international business around the world. These professionals are always looking for new ideas, products and services. our magazine is printed quarterly and is distributed in both hard copy and electronic version [E.Magazine].

Instead of Just running the Adverts on a quarterly basis, with discrete areas of focuses, Logistics African Magazine came up with a strategy to go beyond just that. You can subscribe to be part of our advertisers in the particular issue, or in the “Logistics Annua” anytime of the year. Our Logistics Annua consists up-to 17 000 printed copies each year, and is capable of reading a targeted audience of above 54 000 key industry officials who are the people who really makes sound decisions.