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A commitment to action

Operate Sustainably is one of Ingersoll Rand’s five strategic imperatives. With 39% of the world’s energy used to “pump something”, pump manufacturers have a responsibility to design products aimed at making pumps more energy efficient.

ARO, an Ingersoll Rand business, has the commitment to develop new products enabling its customers to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

EVO Series

ARO’s latest innovation, the EVO Series electric diaphragm pump, has the highest energy efficiency ratings on the market when compared to other positive displacement technologies.

The EVO electric diaphragm pump does not require access to or the use of compressed air. The pump’s high-performance materials enable better process efficiency. It offers significant energy efficiency improvement compared to other positive displacement technologies.

Lower maintenance costs mean lower total cost of ownership compared to other positive displacement technologies.

Utilizing electric pump technologies positions companies to reduce their carbon footprint – not just by cutting the energy usage of the pump itself, but by reducing the dependence on utilities and equipment upstream from the pump as well.

The EVO Series helps companies to position themselves as low greenhouse gas emission players.

An EVO Series installed in a paint application for the packaging industry. 

The technology difference

Most positive displacement pump technologies only achieve 10–60% total efficiency*. The EVO Series electric diaphragm pump is consistently achieving up to 70% total efficiency*.

So how does the EVO Series accomplish its industry leading efficiency?

Many things in an engineering process can cause loss of energy efficiency. Heat, vibration and noise can all contribute to losses in a process. The EVO Series electric diaphragm pump was specifically designed to minimize these losses.

The unique 3-diaphragm design of the EVO Series electric diaphragm pump allows for a more balanced force within the system. This balance results in lower and more intertwined pressure pulsations. The lower pulsation band causes less momentum change of the fluid and the moving components such as the ball checks. All of these features help to minimize vibration and lower noise, which help reduce the potential for energy losses.

The EVO Series 2” pump efficiency comparison. 

True deadhead capability

The EVO Series electric diaphragm pump also has the ability to deadhead. When the downstream valve closes, the pump immediately slows down to hold. In this state, the electric motor comes to a standstill, keeps constant torque and reduces its power consumption to 10% of its running energy consumption. The pump can stay in this deadhead state as long as necessary. When the downstream valve is re-opened, the EVO Series pump gently spins back up without user intervention.

Some positive displacement technologies experience significant noise and vibration while deadheading due to the lost motion mechanism.

These pumps experience increased potential risks to damage internal hardware. Other positive displacement technologies attempt to reduce the noise and vibration levels by requiring additional investment in expensive and sophisticated mechanism controls. The EVO Series is designed for low noise and vibration not only during deadheading events, but also during the overall working process, offering a smooth operation.

Finally, the EVO Series pump generates very little heat while operating. This is especially advantageous in hazardous pumping environments. For hazardous fluid pumps or environments, there is a special motor option available that inherits the similar characteristic and capabilities of deadhead stall and low noise with the additional security of rigorous global certifications for safety.

Through its unique features and design, the EVO Series electric diaphragm pump is achieving energy efficiency rates never seen before by positive displacement pumping technologies. It takes the best features from many different technologies and combines them into one new breakthrough pump.

* Total efficiency means not only the mechanical and hydraulic efficiency of the motor and gear box, but considers the efficiency of the full system (pump, gear box, motor, drive and any other electric equipment installed) measured on real applications.


Customer testimonials for the EVO Series

  • “We had explored many different manufacturers and technologies, there was nothing available on the market that met all our requirements until we discovered EVO Series pump.”
  • “….it can be completely controlled via the PLC and has real deadhead capability.”
  • “We have installed EVO Series pump one year ago, we have almost doubled our production and, even if energy price dramatically increased during the year, have been able to reduce our operating costs for that process.”

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