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Driving The Shift To A Sustainable Business Model

Written by Mwansa Chola ( Senior Marketer at Hazida Motors Limited)

Hazida Motors Limited celebrates 29 years of representing the world’s best commercial vehicle manufacturer, Scania in Zambia. Scania is not just a vehicle, it is a sustainable business solution that is designed for your individual business needs.

There are many reasons to choose Scania above every other option on the market but here is a little bit more to help you make a good decision.

Vehicles Made for Africa

A great challenge about vehicles that are not designed for our terrain is that you have a significant increase in costs. The cost of wear and tear, the cost of downtime and the cost of operations will become unsustainable.

Our Scania vehicles are designed with the signature ultra modular Swedish engineering precision that has been adapted to the African terrain. This ensures that you get a longer lasting vehicle, lower costs on your maintenance and more productivity.

Spare Parts

We have two fully fledged workshops strategically located in Lusaka and Kitwe for your convenience. We also have round the clock support to deliver your parts to your doorstep where required. In the unlikely event that a part is unavailable, arrangements will be made for swift delivery of parts.

In addition, we offer up to twelve (12) month warranty on all parts purchased over the counter. Contact our parts desk on WhatsApp:

Maintenance and Repair

With almost 30 years experience we guarantee you the best quality and expertise to maintain and repair your Scania vehicles as required. Our service team is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist you.

You can contact our Service Desk directly on +26 0953-938-161 for more information.

Scania Assist 24/7

We have committed to all our customers the promise of a sustainable business solution. Our 24/7 rescue service, Scania Assist, is available to all our customers every hour of the day, every day of the week and every week of the year.

This service is available to all our Scania customers even as they cross borders into Eastern and Southern African countries. Our partner Scania workshops are ready to assist you wherever you may be.

We understand the value of time and we ensure that we do our best to keep your fleet on the road all the time.

Connected Services

A key element of a sustainable business is the ability to drive decision making with accurate information. Our connected services provide our customers access to real-time data and long-term trends that allow for adequate planning and management of drivers and vehicles.

Driver Training

This masterclass session teaches drivers how to maximize the use of the Scania vehicles for better results. The aim of the program is to reduce emissions, increase fuel savings, increase road safety, decrease wear on tires and powertrain, and increase the longevity of key vehicle components.

Driver training is complementary with every vehicle purchase. Ts & Cs apply.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

Buying a pre-owned vehicle from an unknown supplier is risky business. We offer a wide range of pre-owned Scania vehicles that have undergone rigorous testing and are certified for a “second life”.

We provide our clients with the best in vehicles and we do not compromise on our extensive after sales services which include the connected services, driver training, Scania Assist and more.

Scania is driving the shift to a more sustainable future and it all starts with you driving the shift to a more sustainable business model. Hazida Motors Limited is here to serve you for all your Scania needs.

Not sure if you are ready to add Scania to your fleet? Book a trial run with our Demonstrator Truck (named Griffin) for some time and experience the benefits and value of Scania for FREE. Ts & Cs apply.

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